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PRESS RELEASE By: Appanoose County Engineer

Date: July 26, 2010

Appanoose County experienced severe weather and heavy rain last week which damaged gravel, culverts and bridges on the County road system. The damage was so extensive that repairs will take considerable time to complete. Therefore, we request that motorists use caution when traveling the County road system. Bridges have been inspected by qualified inspectors and only bridges needing serious repairs have been closed. Please do not tamper with barricades and traffic control devices. Some bridge approaches and culverts appear useable buy only a thin crust of gravel exists over a large void under the approach eroded by the flood water.

Heavy rains over the last 3-4 years have eroded stream banks and lowered stream bottoms in many cases. This is causing dirt from under bridge abutments to be eroded, leaving a void in the approach which must be repaired before traffic use. In most cases, the bridges are structurally sound but the approach fill needs repaired.

The County has limited financial resources to make these repairs unless additional money is received from other sources such as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant. Our plan is to prioritize the repair projects based on such factors as Average Daily Traffic, Emergency access needs, and any other important issues. The County Road Department will begin making repairs as time and funding allow.

Please report any damage of which the Road Department may not be aware to the Sheriff's Office 641-437-7100 or Road Department at 641-856-6193.

Click the map below to see a larger version. The larger map is updated daily as changes occur.

Click here for some images of the areas damaged by the floods.

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