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Sufficiency Ratings/Load Limits on Bridges & Road Mileage Summary

Sufficiency Ratings for NBIS Bridges

Sufficiency Ratings are a rating given to a bridge between 0-100 and are used as one of several criteria for determining if a bridge is eligible for rehabilitation or replacement using Federal Bridge Funds. A sufficiency of 80 or less is a required minimum for rehabilitation funds and 50 or less for replacement funds. A map showing Appanoose County Bridges with their Sufficiency Ratings is available for viewing and downloading.

Sufficiency Ratings Map

County Bridge Load Limits

As a result of these inspections, any bridge that is found to be deficient or unable to safely carry legal loads is posted with a sign that indicates what loads are allowed to cross the structure. Some bridges may also be signed as "One Lane" bridges meaning that the load limits only allow for one lane of traffic on the bridge at one time.

To view a map showing the location of all of the posted bridges in the county, open the:

Bridge Postings Map

Territory Map

Appanoose County Secondary Roads employs 7 full time Motor Patrol Operators who cover an average of 100+ miles each. Their duties are primarily to grade roads and shoulders and they are the front line representatives for the Road Department in their territories. Lines incorporating all of the roadways each operator has have been drawn on the Appanoose County Road Map and can be viewed by clicking on the file:

Territory Map

2005-2006 School Bus Routes

Each year the 4 school districts within Appanoose County report their Bus Routes to Secondary Roads which are used by the road crews in determining priorities for all maintenance activities primarily when fighting snow. A map showing the roadways in each school district can be viewed by clicking on the following file:

School Bus Routes 2005-2006

Level B & C Maps

Level B&C Road Classification Map (Current)

Original Level B Road Classification Map (1989)

Appanoose County Historical Atlas

Historical Maps

Traffic Count Map

Traffic Count Map

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